4 Clues Your Skin Hints to You About Your Health

BRAND’S® Article - Four Clues Your Skin Hints to You About Your Health

Clear skin usually indicates a healthy functioning liver. Everything you eat and drink passes through your liver to be repackaged as energy or removed from your body. But consume too much of anything and your liver may overwork and fail, causing toxins to build up under your skin. Can you read your body’s warning signs that you’ve reached your toxic limit?

Sensitive skin

Dry and itchy, red and inflamed. Toxins build-up makes the skin susceptible to damage. If you suffer from the skin condition eczema, you may also develop cracked and scaly skin and blisters. Scratching the affected area can even lead to permanent scarring.

Painful pimples

Inflamed skin can cause clogged pores and acne rosacea. Unlike acne, rosacea appears as small red pimples, with no blackheads, on the cheeks and around the nose. If left untreated, yellow bumps may also appear on the skin surface. When you experience these skin problems, you should take sesamin, a natural sesame seed extract. Not only does it have anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps to normalise stress symptoms such as increased blood pressure and cholesterol.

Excessive hair loss

50 to 150 strands of hair loss a day is fine. But losing more hair than normal and having limp hair could mean that the liver isn’t working well. Hair follicles require energy to grow strong and shiny locks, but a damaged liver will not be able to produce energy.

Ageing skin

Brown spots, or liver spots, and freckles are signs that your liver function is slowing down due to ageing. Overexposure to the sun also contributes to pigmentation and toxins build-up under the skin. A healthy liver ensures oxygen-rich blood and collagen reaches your organs, including your skin, to promote cell renewal for clearer skin.

So, give your liver extra care by remembering these useful tips. Remember, healthy liver equals healthy skin!

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