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Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar

BRAND’S®, the best selling brand of bottled bird's nest in the world, started brewing bottled bird's nest since 1982, fusing traditional methods with advanced technology to produce premium bottles of bird's nest of the highest quality. BRAND’S® Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar contains exquisite goodness that helps maintain youthful skin. Comprising of premium quality bird's nest, it is all-natural with no preservatives or artificial flavouring.

Why choose this product?

  • Ideal for beauty seekers who wish to maintain skin radiance and good health
  • Helps to cleanse lungs and regulate the respiratory system, ideal for those who are prone to respiratory problems, coughs and colds
  • Promotes radiant skin and better complexion
  • Provides a gentle cooling effect to reduce body “heatiness”

Nutrition Information

Bird's Nest, Rock Sugar, Water, Contains Stabilizer as permitted food conditioner


What is Bird's Nest or BRAND'S® Bird's Nest?

Bird's nest is the nest made of the Swiftlets' saliva, which dwell in caves, along cliffs or commercially man-made structures. Bird's nest is widely consumed in the Orient, as it is traditionally believed to be able to cleanse the blood and purify the respiratory organs. Regular consumption also ensures good health, wards off influenza and the common cold. BRAND'S® Bird's Nest is a unique, high quality product manufactured by the latest technology under highly hygienic processing conditions.

How is BRAND'S® Bird's Nest manufactured?

First, a batch of genuine raw Bird's nest is obtained from Indonesia or Thailand for soaking and cleaning. These are then boiled with rock sugar solution under a specially developed hygienic process that seals in the flavour and goodness of the Bird's nest.

How does BRAND'S® Bird's Nest enhance your youthful skin?

According to Chinese traditions, the "cooling" effect of bird's nest prevents internal dryness and thus helps to maintain youthful skin as well as a smooth and wrinkle-free complexion.

How does BRAND'S® Bird's Nest protect your health?

It helps to stimulate appetite and aids digestion. It also provides a unique pre-digested form of protein and polysaccharides, which the Chinese believe to have excellent health benefits.

Does BRAND'S® Bird's Nest contain real bird's nest? Where does the nest come from?

Yes, we use genuine bird's nests that are harvested from Indonesia and Thailand.

Consumption Idea

BRAND’S® Bird's Nest can be enjoyed straight from the bottle at room temperature or chilled.

Safety & Technology

BRAND’S® Triple Safety Cap, incorporating a triple protection mechanism, is a patented innovation of rigorous research and testing specially made to lock in the natural goodness and freshness of BRAND’S® products free of preservatives.